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Creative Spaces, a growing project - published in the Journal of Dementia Care, about the benefits of the outdoors and nature-based activity for people living with dementia

Engaging the Senses - published in SEN magazine, how sensory rich farm visits are a feast for young senses

Eden Sessions - how we've worked with the Eden Project to make live music accessible to the widest audience

How does heritage feel? - how sensory experiences build our connections with outdoor places and the use of sensory mapping as a tool for exploring sensory engagement

5, 9, 21, 53 … how many senses? - a tour of the senses and a lead into the world of sensory design


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The Access Chain - a tool that shows the chain of events for a good visitor experience, useful for reviewing access and planning improvements

Access and Audience Development Plans - Sensory Trust was commissioned to develop access and audience development plans for Mote Park in Kent

Accessible Information : Layout and Language - the words we use

Accessible Information for Bishop's Forum - Sensory Trust designed accessible information for this inspirational adventure centre

Accessible Information - an overview

Aiding and Abetting a Known Felon - Sensory Trust discovers that its work could be of dubious legality

Alnwick Gardens - an informal review of this visitor attraction

Audience Development Plans - they can help you win funding, but how do you put one together and what are the ingredients for a successful one?

Australian Sensory Trails Development Framework project - Sensory Trust helps a new project based in Victoria, Australia

Australian Study Trip part 1 - Wendy Brewin recounts some of her discoveries in the land downunder

Australian Study Trip part 2 - Wendy continues her Oz odyssey in Sydney and Brisbane.

Awakening Senses - an award-winning consultation day run by Sensory Trust as part of the Community Service Volunteers (CSV) ‘Making a difference day’

Awards for Sensory Trust publications - awards recognise the contribution of the Easy Access to Historic Landscapes publication, produced for English Heritage


Ban's Best Friend - dog walkers as the regeneration avant garde

Beacon Project - Hazel Stuteley OBE tells the story of the Falmouth Estate's regeneration and the power of the community

Benefits of contact with nature for everyone? - article outlining barriers that prevent some groups accessing the benefits of spending time outdoors

The benefits of gardens to people with dementia - Ray Liles reports on the success of a garden visit for people with dementia, organised by the Sensory Trust

Braille/Large Print Menu Trials - as shown at the Eden Project

Bryant Park, New York, USA - review of a great urban space


CABE Award for Sensory Trust's work - award is recognition of Sensory Trust's work in setting inclusive design standards for the design of buildings and spaces

Call for new metrics - a sideways view at good indicators for successful greenspace

Capital Woodlands Project - in 2005/2006 we were involved in running community consultation in six ancient woodland sites around London for the Capital Woodlands Project. What has happened since?

Children and the natural world - article arguing that children are not over-stimulated by computer games and television as is often claimed in the media.

Cleveland Botanical Garden - an excellent example of restorative greenspace design

Connecting with People - publication giving a compelling argument that connecting with people must be at the heart of all public services

Consulting to make great retirement housing - Sensory Trust ran creative consultation with potential residents of a new retirement housing scheme planned by Gentoo Sunderland

Creative Spaces, a growing project - Wendy Brewin talks about the benefits of using the outdoors and nature-based activity to support people living with dementia


Dementia Strategy - a look at the National Dementia Strategy, introduced in 2009 to improve the lives of people with dementia

Design for the senses - the holistic approach to interpretation

Designing learning environments - exploring the benefits of taking a sensory approach to designing learning environments

Disabled Ramblers explore Cornwall - a look at some of the benefits of getting disabled people and site managers together out in the elements

Discovery Bags at Pine Lodge - as part of the ongoing development and testing of our new engagement techniques we arranged a visit by students from Doubletrees special school to the Pine Lodge Gardens in St Austell.


Eden No. 1 - The Rough Guide places the Eden Project as the number one visitor attraction in the Parks and Gardens category for disabled visitors in the UK

Eden Sessions - making live music accessible to everyone

Engaging the Senses - Lynsey Robinson and Jen Bartlett talk about how sensory rich farm visits inspire, connect and educate pupils with special educational needs.

Equality Act 2010 - an overview of the new equality act that brings together the previously separate areas of anti-disrimination legislation

Equality of Experience - quality of experience is as important as physical access if the spirit of the DDA is to be upheld

Evaluating Access at Quarry Bank Mill - The Sensory Trust completed a round of training around the UK to help the National Trust improve accessibility of their sites




Getting into Inclusive Design - Worthy? Dull? Where can I sign up?

Go Outside and Play - the benefits of play and time outdoors

Great Places - just as it says on the tin, a list of places we think are great

Greener, safer, blander? - where is the sense of place in our contemporary urban spaces?

The Green Flag Award Scheme: Inclusive Training - Sensory Trust provides important training for the judges

Growing old in a Changing Climate - this article puts the spotlight on the impacts of climate change and resource scarcity on older people, drawing on work with Eden Project and Carnegie Trust UK.


Hands-on Nature - the value of plants and hands-on activities in engaging students with learning disabilities with the natural world

Has Anyone Seen My Specs? - some key pointers for applying the principles of accessible information

Historic memory in Valdediós - Simon Manfield talks of his work with the Asociación para la Recuperación de la Memoria Histórica, locating and excavating mass graves from the Spanish Civil War and the effect of the work on the local communities.

How does heritage feel? - Stuart Spurring talks about how sensory experiences build our connections with outdoor places and the use of sensory mapping as a tool for exploring sensory engagement.


I’d be happier outside - the values of communities past and present for older disabled people

If You Go Down to the Woods - involving people in the Capital Woodlands Project in London, part of a global initiative by Trees for Cities

I'm Still Here - a breakthrough approach to understanding someone living with Alzheimer’s, publication by leading authority John Zeisel

The Importance of Gardens in a Time of Crisis - September 11, a Personal Testimony by Nancy Chambers, Glass Garden, New York

Inclusion by Design - publication focused on inclusive play by the KIDS charity

Inclusive Design: the new Core building at Eden Project - Grimshaw architect Jerry Tate tells us why it's so imperative to consider inclusive design from the earliest stages of a new design

The Inclusive Destination - making school visits accessible for all

Inclusive greenspace - what are the barriers that prevent access and what can we do to remove them and make our parks and greenspaces great for everyone?

Inclusive water fountains at Eden - Sensory Trust worked with Eden's designer makers to design new water fountains that everyone can use

Inclusive Design : Why Wouldn't You? - food for thought

Interview with an Eden Volunteer - Wendy Brewin talks to Jo Burgess about access for disabled people

It is dangerous to stick your head out - the subtle messaging that can come, intentionally or unintentionally, from the words and pictures we choose to use.


The Japanese Connection - looking at great examples of sensory and inclusive design in Osaka and Kyoto




Making Community Engagement and Staff Training Creative and Fun - Sensory Trust runs creative community engagement at the National Trust's Lanhydrock estate

Making Connections - a guide to accessible greenspace

Making Sense - basing in Cornwall was a chance for the Sensory Trust to develop exciting new work focused on inclusive design and sensory engagement

Man Enjoys View From Bench - fear and urban public space

Mending broken communities: as easy as ABCD? - Hazel Stuteley and the Health Complexity Group launch Connecting Communities at the Sense of Place conference at Eden.

Milton Keynes Parks, UK - a green space review

More than a Room with a View - beneficial plant therapy for mental well being

Museum access and experience - Sensory Trust undertook an access and visitor experience survey at the National Tramway Museum in Crich in Derbyshire


The Need for Public Spaces - how important gathering spaces are post September 11th

New Ground - a partnership project investigating ways to use narrative and heritage to regenerate communities.


Obvious Use of an Urban Park - Urban parks are too precious to be squandered by a single use or single interest group.

Oizumi Ryokuchi Park, Osaka, Japan - a green space review


Park Experience: holistic roots - using both the UK and the US as examples, just what is a park experience?

Park life - making the case for combining issues of accessibility with quality of experience

People and Gardens - profile of a fantastic social enterprise working with people with disabilities

The Placemaker's Guide to Building Community - practical handbook for all involved in doing and learning about practice and teaching placemaking and urban development world-wide

Private Space Public Lives - how can our public spaces do more to encourage society to be social?


Quality of life in urban centres, Argentina - Pablo Bullaude writes about new developments on the Asunción coastline


ReDiscover - creating accessible information to enhance the visitor experience to the Core education centre at the Eden Project

Remembering Jane Jacobs - outspoken critic of the planning establishment in the US, we remember the author of The Death and Life of Great American Cities

A River Runs Through Them: Parks in Melbourne - we review the old and the new in Australia

Royal Schools for the Deaf Manchester, UK - a green space review


Sat Nav – the end of hope? - is technology reducing our opportunities to explore the world around us?

Seicho School, Tokyo - a featured greenspace, a residential care centre for people with Learning disabilities in Tokyo

A Sense of Peace at the Cimetière du Montparnasse, Paris - inspired by a talk at our conference we find vital sensory ingredients in one of the oldest cemeteries in Paris

A sense of place - What sort of things can a community identify as a strength or having potential for development? A sense of place can often act as a uniting narrative, particularly for rural communities where narratives are strongly linked with the land.

A Sense of Place 2004 - a look back with a warm glow at our conference in June/July in Devon and Cornwall

A Sense of Place 2006 - a review of the conference held in Cornwall

Sensory Garden - what's that then? - to include or to exclude... a designers view

Sensory learning and our environment - article about how we learn through all our senses and implications for connecting with our environment

Sensory Mapping - new ways of looking at (and sniffing at) spaces

Sensory Mapping with Students of Doubletrees School - Sensory Trust spends a day working with children at a school in Cornwall to redesign their outdoor space

Sheffield Peace Gardens, UK - a green space review

Sounder Spaces - Sensory Trust talks at a conference highlighting the importance of sound quality in relation to London's open spaces

Stourhead Sensory Trail - a trail guide designed to encourage visitors to experience the gardens of Stourhead through all their senses

Stumped - exploring the link between knowledge and experience; do we need to be able to name something to believe that it matters?

Sustainability and New Urbanism - a bright future?

Symbols for People with Learning Difficulties - pioneering the use of Widgits


Teaching & learning through sensory design - how a sensory approach to landscape design dovetails with making places where people can connect and find meaning in outdoor places

Therapeutic Landscapes Network - a profile of an organisation in the USA that is a fabulous resource base for anyone interested in restorative and people-centred landscapes

The Third Place - is a coffee machine commercial the last kick in the teeth for public spaces?

Tony Bradshaw - in memory of Professor Anthony Bradshaw FRS

Towards the Edge - Sensory Trust undertook a series of consultation engagement sessions as part of Eden Project's big build plans

Towards the Edge - a Community Narrative Exhibit - Sensory Trust created an exhibit at the Eden Project to invite people to share their perspectives on community

TR14ers community dance team - TR14ers is an inspiring police-led community dance team of about 350 young people in the town of Camborne in Cornwall, UK

Two Short Shorts Visit Eden - fantastic first hand account of a visit to Eden Project


The Unusual Likeness of Being Musical - a sound perspective from Mick Beck, Chair of the Sensory Trust Trustees and blind musician

UK Guides to Improve Outdoor Access - essential reading for managers and owners of heritage sites and other outdoor landscapes



Inclusive water fountains at Eden - Sensory Trust worked with Eden's designer makers to design new water fountains that everyone can use

When the Drugs don’t Work - A recent review ordered by the Department of Health in the UK on the use of anti-psychotic drugs on dementia sufferers states that as many as 144,000 people are being given the drugs unnecessarily causing an estimated 1,800 deaths each year. Could better care home environments help turn round this appalling state of affairs? We think so

Widgit Discover Packs - Sensory Trust works with Widgit in the development of the Discover Eden packs for the Eden Project

Work experience at Sensory HQ - a student from Fowey Community College describes a week in the Sensory Trust's office

Ken Worpole - a profile of one of our favourite writers on landscape, community and meaning of place

Wrestling with leaning towers - Landlife's Richard Scott argues that creative conservation and ecological restoration are likely to become significantly more important in the near future, particularly to address the impacts of an increasingly urbanised and populated world.

5, 9, 21, 53… how many senses? A Brief History of the Senses to demonstrate that exactly how many senses we have is unlikely to be agreed any time soon.



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