Sensory design training

This training will help you create more immersive and memorable experiences by inspiring people to connect and explore through all their senses. This includes the development of new sensory-rich spaces, such as sensory gardens and trails, as well as the enhancement of sensory experiences within an existing space.

Training is based on our experience of advising on the design of outdoor spaces - from school and care gardens to large scale landscapes - and uses our range of sensory activities and engagement tools like sensory mapping.

Key outcomes of the training:

  • Greater understanding of sensory engagement, who it benefits and why
  • Skills and techniques to apply a sensory design approach
  • Access to sensory engagement tools and activities to use in your project

Key components of the training:

  • Principles of sensory design and how to apply the approach in different settings
  • How to select sensory plants, materials, activities and features
  • Practical outdoor session using sensory engagement tools to show how to put the principles into practice (this is optional but recommended)
Delivering training in access review techniques


A focus on sensory engagement - projects, ideas and examples of how to connect with nature through the senses.

Our SNAP project is working with children with disabilities and their families to create sensory, nature-based adventures such as stories, games and creative activities. 

Sensory design consultancy - for advice and project delivery.

Can we help?

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We are also able to offer bespoke training packages.

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