Jen Bartlett


Previously project manager, Let Nature Feed Your Senses

Jen worked with the Sensory Trust for four and a half years, coordinating the Let Nature Feed Your Senses project, an England-wide project connecting people with nature through food and farming. Jen's background in creative community engagement and participatory learning was a perfect fit with the project's aim of developing sensory-rich farm visits and led to the development of a rich mix of creative techniques to connect people with nature through their different senses, stir old and new memories, and engage interest.

Jen coordinated thousands of visits across the country for people who would not normally have the chance to visit a farm - all ages, abilities and backgrounds. She led the development of creative engagement techniques that proved a fantastic way of motivating people to get involved and engaged.

Since spring 2014, Jen is now living and working in Australia but the results of her work live on in the pages of this website, the Let Nature Feed Your Senses website and in the rich tapestry of sensory-rich visits and activities that farmers and landowners continue to run across the country.

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One of Jen's short films created after a farm visit by a group of people living with dementia